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Questions & Answers


What do you like best about your job?

Smile on customers' faces as they view the Wedding Album. Then I feel that it was worth it :).

How did your adventure with the wedding industry start?

I got a webcam from a future mother-in-law who had the option of shooting on batteries. And then EVERYTHING became clear :).

There used to be analog photography, but it limited me with the number of frames per film.

How long have you been working with young couples?

For several good years :)

What equipment are you working on?

Nikon D750 x 2 AND FULL OF LENSES .... All in all, the question should be how you shoot, not what :). The camera is only a tool, I can photograph on Canon from tomorrow and it will not change my view through the camera frame.

What is your favorite moment of the wedding or reception?

Even before the wedding;). The moment the groom looks at the bride when he first sees her in a wedding dress.

How long does it take you to complete the order?

As much as it takes. Make it perfect.

What does your basic offer include?

Engagement session and the whole wedding day.

What's your style?

Please take a look at my photos.

What common trait do you see in all of your customers?


What would the dream wedding you would like to work for?

Everyone is dreamed of by my clients, I am only a tool to write it down for them and their children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren ...

Do you remember any particular couple?

I think the first couple is always ... just the first :). We remember the first time best. it's just like your Wedding.

What kind of people do you work best with?

With smiling people who can see life through rose-colored glasses.

What work story do you recall with a smile on your face?

Once, in front of the palace in Łańcut, I forgot the lamp on the bench during the engagement session. After a dozen or so minutes, I ran there, breaking my life record at 1000 meters: D. The lamp was waiting. The bride and groom also: D. All in all, it's better to lose the lamp than the customers.

What questions do young couples ask you most often? What are you answering?

Usually, when they come to my studio, they are determined to sign a contract. And I am the one who most often has to think of questions that I want to know about them. Let me be sure if I am the one they are looking for.

What should clients know about your profession?

I try hard to be the best, for myself and, above all, for my clients.

What is the most important thing in choosing a wedding provider?

Face-to-face conversation, I do not like to sign a distance contract. It's like talking on an internet chat, you never know if this 18-year-old brunette will turn out to be a 60-year-old pensioner: P.

What's your strongest point?


Why should future young couples choose you?

You have to ask THEM why they choose me :).

What makes your offer stand out?

As every person is different, so are his photographs.

What's your favorite photo / song / video from last wedding season?

There are many of them. There would be no room for typing :)

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