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sesja narzeczeńska

Promotion for 2021/2022 . IN  Wedding package ,  in addition to the wedding session,

you will receive as a gift

  FREE engagement session .

Want to know more about a free session ? Write to me  or call. tel:698 448 185 

(If I do not answer, it means that I am currently working during a session or in the studio, or I am teaching photography

at school. Write a text message, I will write back or call you back as soon as possible)  


PRICE PLN 500   (500 pln)  Call us to make an appointment.  

sesja narzeczeńska
sesja narzeczeńska

The engagement session is a great opportunity for you and your bride to get to know each other. I think it's quite important. The more you know me, the more comfortable you will be to express yourself as a couple in front of the lens. The end result of a better contact between you and me will be freer and more authentic photos.































Here you will find some information about the engagement session:

When should we organize the engagement sessions?  


The answer depends mainly on your schedule. If you want photos for invitations, the session must be taken before inviting guests. If you plan to use a photo at a wedding or if you don't plan on using it anywhere and there is no other reason than to have great informal photos just for the two of you, we can actually do the sessions whenever you want. Weekends are the best, but in low season (usually November-April) I might be more accessible. Shooting in the hours before sunset is best, but we can take photos in the morning  if you are early risers.

    How should we dress?  


Dress the clothes you love and in which you feel most comfortable. If you cannot decide, you can bring a few clothes for a change. Most couples bring elegant and more casual outfits and change clothes during the session. You should definitely bring shoes that you can walk on in the off-road terrain as it is very likely that we will end up somewhere in the paths or in the fields. Remember the weather, if you know the evening can be cool, bring something warm with you to wear. You certainly don't want to freeze during your engagement session.

    Where should we photograph ?


  If there are any places that are special for you, let's do it there. If you only have general preferences for places (fields, beach, mountains, open-air museum, bridges, lakes, city, etc.), I can definitely fit in. If you don't have any preferences, it's not a problem, I can choose places for you.  We can photograph in three or four places (fields - hills - ponds - old town), day and night, about 5 hours, up to 50 km from my studio, as well as all over Poland and abroad, but there are additional costs.

    What will the session be like?  


It will not be awkward, difficult or boring - he promises. The main goal of the engagement session is for you to have fun with your significant other. The more you can relax, have fun and feel comfortable with yourself, the more unique your session will look and be better. Having said that, I understand that this is probably the first time you have had professional photos taken together. Therefore, I will definitely be a lot  he helped you with posing. Too stiff posing gets boring quickly, but on the other hand without any adjustments, most people feel a bit uncomfortable. I am trying to find a balance that will help you feel confident and comfortable, not rigidly positioned.

   How long do we have to wait for the finished photos?


Usually they are  2-3 weeks. But it happens that you will receive it even in the same week :). And for sure I will show it on my FB profile the next day  2 or 3 photos from your session.

sesja narzeczeńska Łańcut

Session in the Castle Park - Łańcut


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