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Michał Krawiec Wedding Photography

Registration for the wedding season (last minute -10%) 2021.

2022/2023  Open


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Engagement session  it is a great opportunity for you and your chosen one to get to know each other. I think it's quite important. The more you know me, the more comfortable you will be to express yourself as a couple in front of the lens. The end result of a better contact between you and me will be freer and more authentic photos.

Now such a session for FREE when signing the wedding contract.

Get to know your photographer

before your wedding

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About me

"Mr. Michał is a great photographer, working with him is a pleasure. The photos came out perfect, convey every emotion, joy, and the emotions of loved ones are a valuable souvenir for a lifetime. There is nothing to think about, just call and book a date. The outdoor session is definitely not fun. it is possible to get bored, Mr.Michał stands literally on his head to make sure everything goes well: D

We recommend and greet nice and warm :) "

Iza and Filip


photo by Michał Krawiec


music, dance, good action movie

and of course photography 

" Photos  beautiful  and professional reflect  emotions that  we experienced. In the pictures  Mr. Michael  you can see that he likes what he does and it is his passion. During the reportage  we felt like in the open air  myself  freely. Thank you  for the wonderful moments captured in the photo  :) We sincerely recommend! "

Adriana and Damian


"After the wedding, is there anything else that can please us? Yes! The moments that are beautifully captured in the photos allow you to feel it all anew. Photos that bring back a smile and a memory of that day. The photos that we received from Mr. Michał will be a great souvenir at whole life. Professionalism and timing is your showcase. Cooperation with Mr. Michał proceeded without any problems. We hope that the photos from the wedding are not the last ones that Mr. Michał has taken for us. Thank you for such a beautiful retention of our moments together :) "

Anna and Robert

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Hello, here I am - Mr. Photographer himself in his

wedding outdoors

along with my beloved wife. I remember that day ... wonderful forts Przemysl, falling leaves, a warm autumn day and ...


Marriage is the beauty of being together ...


Hello, here I am - Mr. Photographer himself in his

wedding outdoors

along with my beloved wife. I remember that day ... wonderful forts Przemysl, falling leaves, a warm autumn day and ...


Marriage is the beauty of being together ...


"Together with my husband, we highly recommend working with Mr. Michał! You can immediately see that he is a passionate photographer. During the wedding and reception he discreetly captured the unforgettable moments, and the photos came out natural and captivating. During the wedding and engagement session we had a great time, time passed very quickly , and some of the photos were taken with the great dedication of Mr. Michał.
To sum up, the photographer with a high five! :)

Małgorzata and Tomasz


"  Thank you is not enough, because what is the word thank you in relation to?

to the whole? 
Wizard, charms the moment, locks it in a small frame, forever,

Devotion, dedication, patience, understanding and a head full of ideas.
We do not regret a single minute spent together.
Bride and Groom, if you are looking for a photographer with passion, devotion, fantasy,

we can recommend it to you with a clear conscience.
It's worth ... "

Justyna and Marcin 


"  Professional approach to the subject, from beginning to end  deadlines, reliability, communicativeness and full professionalism are the key words referring to the person of Mr. Michał.

During the ceremony in the church and during the wedding, his presence is not felt, which has a significant impact on the authenticity

and the truthfulness of the moments captured. First-class photo quality, beautiful photo album aesthetics. Another advantage is the possibility of making an engagement session, which perfectly contrasts with the wedding ceremony, it is a great start to the album, and at the same time a very valuable souvenir from the engagement period  captured by a professional's eye, I heartily recommend !!! "

Joanna and Kamil


"  We highly recommend Mr. Michał;) For this most important day  in our life  we chose  exactly  His and she was  it is the best decision in our life  ;) rarely meet nowadays  you can people with such passion and dedication  your passion;)

Mr. Michał is a 100% example of this  Full professionalism and commitment made mum the most beautiful  souvenir  both 

on our day  wedding and engagement session  ;) If  do you have any  I can have doubts about the choice  say that it's better to hit  you can't;) We highly recommend it again and thank you 

for beautiful photos;) "  

Aneta and Adam


"Mr. Michael !! Cooperation with you was pure pleasure for us :) Both outdoor and reportage photos - beautiful and professional, fully reflect the emotions we experienced, and framed in a beautiful album, they will definitely be an unforgettable souvenir for a lifetime. You can see that you like what you do and you do it with passion. We sincerely recommend to all couples - you will not regret it.


Sylwia and Piotr


"A rating of 5 is not enough for Mr. Michał! He is a great photographer. After the engagement session, we knew that we had chosen well, wedding photos were equally beautiful. The colors of" saturated "photos," catch the moment "shots are brilliant - as a photographer he has a very good sense of the moments and can capture the mum's tear, dad's pride, the happiness of the new spouses and the great fun of the guests. The photos are simply saturated with emotions, but also technically professional. The wedding album beautifully prepared, high-quality photo tiles and an online photo gallery for guests. very nice, cultural, as the wedding guests said - it was not visible at all - there was no such impression of "imposing", which unfortunately sometimes occurs with some other wedding photographers. Michael a lot more than in the contract and practically every guest can find himself in the gallery. We picked up the photos after a month, so quickly :) a passionate photographer with good technique and a cool approach to people, we highly recommend him. Thank you so much !!! And I hope that we will meet you again, after the wedding there will be other moments that you want to capture in photos :) "

Ewelina and Oskar

"Thank you very much for the session and nice time  : D  It is impossible to get bored with Mr. Michał, he did a great job "

Izabela and Filip


Photographer Michał Krawiec


Widna Góra ul. Chłopicka 9 

tel. 698 44 81 85


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