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Capture the elusive. Contrary to appearances, it is possible. Every time I take a camera in my hand, I feel really special.

Everything seems to be sharper. Time slows down. Stops…

Every good photographer is both an artist and an illusionist. He can skillfully mock time by stealing moments from him.

Later, these moments locked in frames live their own lives.

They still tell a never ending story ... your story ...

I would like to describe your wedding and reception in a unique and unique way  exceptionally to make it an unforgettable event.

Therefore, an engagement session is assigned to my service option.

(Now for free . Yes !!! You can check me out, sign a contract and we are starting the session,

if you decide that I am not who you are looking for, I will understand.

However, I want you to keep these photos to yourself. You deserve it through the heavy one  work on posing  )

Thanks to such a session, we can get to know each other better.

You will learn better how I photograph and how I approach my passion

before we meet just outside the church.

During the report, I watch all the time, you will rarely find me resting

at the wedding table.

I try to use every moment to capture what is most important in the frame.

At the same time, I'm trying to be  discreet so as not to bother guests with your person, in the end

a wedding is fun :) and not a visit to the photographer for a photo for proof.

During the report, I have 2 cameras with me all the time, thanks to which I am not looking

your bag to change the lens, or in the event of discharge (or knocking if it breaks)

I change the camera with a quick movement of my hand and keep working to make it on time  to capture  each

important moment. You will find out more in my photo studio ,


to which I cordially invite you. Just call us and we will arrange a meeting date convenient for you. In the studio you can see traditional albums with 15x23 cm prints as well as photo books and photo albums.

Nothing pleases the eye like real photos on paper :).  

Where do I work?  Virtually the entire Podkarpackie Province. Rzeszów, Jarosław, Przemyśl etc. However, if you want to invite me to Kraków, Gdańsk or to Tokyo or New York, I will be happy to talk to you  on this topic :).

AND  now I invite you to view photos, customer albums and offers.  

Here are some more details about what equipment I photograph (because customers often ask me about it on the phone)  :

Nikon d750 (full frame)

Nikon d750 (  full frame)

14-24 mm 2.8 Nikkor lens

24-70 mm lens 2.8  Nikkor

70-200 mm lens 2.8  Nikkor

50mm 1.8 lens  Nikkor

Lamp Sb900

Set of 4 flashes  













michał krawiec, mkfoto
jarosław studio fotograficzne

It's me before my wedding :)

October 24  2010

mkfoto studio fotograficzne widna góra
mkfoto studio fotograficzne

In addition to photography, I also teach this art in schools and at private courses.

MKFOTO photo studio

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