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Wedding and wedding reception

Maria & Simon

Fate made them connect their two worlds.

They settled in the former capital of Poland.

Mr. Szymon's parents run a wonderful antiquities shop in Kazimierz.

They came to the Church with an extraordinary antiquity  Mercedes class. 

The stained glass windows in the temple brilliantly painted the light during their oaths. The gazes of Grandma and Parents were full of emotions and emotions.

For the Banquet Hall Two  nephews  they entered truly dancing, which they later showed beautifully on the dance floor during 

Waltz Szostakowicza, receiving the highest marks from the Jury in the form of his own parents.  Dancing thank you

Granddaughter for Grandma was immensely touching not only for the main protagonist ...


Unusual costumes of some of the guests have embellished the magnificent dance hall and the guest restaurants. Crazy fun

late with minor damage to the decor ;-), great fun thanks to DJ RONY / DMX STUDIO  and wonderful lights in the yard made me remember this atmosphere and these people for a long time.

The wedding session in Krakow in the privacy of the local park and on the Kościuszko Mound ended very romantically  a comprehensive report by two young people in love ...  

I invite you to watch 100 frames from a warm July wedding  Maria and Simon.


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